Start your September with some new stationery


When it's September, I always think of starting the school year again. Although it's been many years since I've been in school, I look at September as a chance to start fresh. What better way to do so than looking at what new stationery I can use to motivate myself!

I mainly use Trello to organise my life, but I definitely haven't abandoned the good old pen to paper methods either. It's all about using them in conjunction and making it work for you.

Here are some essentials that I always look for when it comes to the analogue tools:

Wall planner

You may have seen in my previous blog post that my gallery wall features a huge wall planner. To me, this is essential to put those appointments and events on there so that I have an at a view glance at what's going on. Mine is a Jan – Dec planner, but here is one that starts in September for those of you who want to plan around the school year: 

Wall planner   


You can never have too many notebooks right? I mainly use my notebooks to brainstorm and do visual planning for projects that are coming up. I always find that starting things on paper helps get all the ideas out without being precious about how it looks. I love using Leuchttrum notebooks, but I also use thinner A5 sized ones as they're not as heavy to carry around. I design and make my own, which if you like the look of, you can buy them here:

A5 geometric notebook

To do list notepads

When I feel like there's lots to do and it's all swimming in my head, I like to make a big long list of everything thing that comes to mind. Using To do list pads like this are the perfect way to get it all out:

To do list notepad

Sticky notes

I like to be able to see the whole picture and move tasks/ideas around easily when I plan things, and sticky notes are the best for that. They don't have to be boring either, look at these ones I found! Watercolour AND geometric, how lovely do they look: 

Watercolour geometric sticky notes

Mini notebooks

I've been wanting to start a daily morning journal habit, and having a dedicated mini notebook could be the solution. Pages small enough that I don't have to worry about filling it all up. These are absolutely dreamy:

A6 notebooks

Desk tidy 

All this new stationery means that everything will need to be kept tidy. Here's a holder for it, and it will look great on the desk as well:

Desk tidy

I hope this post helps you get the fresh start that you might be craving this September!



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