What does a stroll in London have to do with the new Abstract collection?

When I stroll down the streets of London – especially on a Sunday in the city, where it's quiet, almost eerily so – my eyes feast on the lines and shapes that make up the cityscape around me. The interlinking, overlapping and interaction between everything is so intriguing, don't you think? 

 I then put pen to paper (well fingers to mouse, really) and started designing the Abstract collection. While I was designing, I pulled inspiration from those strolls. I moved shapes around, drew lots of lines, overlapped elements, deleted others – and instead of one collection, 2 mini collections emerged.

Mini 1: Big and bold.

Looming structures, tall glass buildings were the catalyst for these designs. Can you imagine immersing yourself in them when it's hung on a wall your living room?

Mini 2: Small and detailed.

The window grills, keyholes all working in harmony is the inspiration behind these ones. Bring balance into your home – these prints would be perfect.

If you geek out about shapes and lines like I do, then something from the 'Abstract' collection is a must. Go have a nosey and tell me which one's your favourite. 

Liked it?

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