Lovely to have you here!

The art prints at One Simple Detail are a feast for your eyes. They're designed specifically for foodies like you! Pop one or two on your kitchen wall. They’ll put a smile on your face while you make that first cup of tea (or coffee!) ☕️

Who's behind all of this?

That'd be me, Aiza! Owner, designer, admin person, tea-maker, basically all the roles at One Simple Detail. 

It all started because I was bored of my day job. As a graphic designer, I needed a creative outlet that my job wasn't giving me, so I started to design prints. At first, I designed for my own home – a quote print here, an abstract print there... but then I delved into the world of starting my own business and truly fell in love with being able to share my designs with you all. 

I'm huge food lover (both eating and cooking, but who am I kidding, it's mostly eating). So, I thought, the best way have fun and create things I love would be to mash up the food-loving side of me with the passionate-designer side. Which brings us here: Food-themed Art Prints

If I'm not at home trying to conjure up something weird and wonderful to eat, you'll find me roaming street food markets around London. Send me any tasty recipes you've tried or recommendations to great food places anytime! 

Fun(ny?) facts!

Favourite food.
Chicken wings. Specifically the wing bit, not the drum! I like them no matter how they're cooked. I haven't tried it yet, but I reckon I can eat 50 in one sitting. One day, I'll attempt it.

I sucked at baking.
Like seriously bad. I once tried to make cookies with different chocolate bar toppings... ended up adding a honeycomb candy bar and everything melted in to one sheet pan of goo! I'm better at baking now, I promise. I even make a mean Chocolate Guinness Cake! It's my signature bake!

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